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Social etiquette consultant and author, Sue Edgerley

Sue Edgerley

Sue Edgerley has spent the last 20 years  working with children, schools and families.  A mother of 3, she chose to give up a career in market research to run child care and tutoring businesses from home.

Currently, she concentrates on writing, public speaking and consulting on social skills for children.

Her own experiences and observations of the difficulties many parents experienced in trying to raise children  led her to write 5 Keys Parenting, a parenting guide which incorporates the simpler practices of earlier generations.

“A lot of parents struggle with modern techniques and end up feeling like they are doing something wrong, and they really aren’t!  It is just very hard to stay on top of such a complicated parenting system in an already complicated world!”  Sue said.  “Our grandparents didn’t stop to think about what they should do because they knew what to do!  I wanted to record those commonsense principles before they were lost, and make them available to parents who wanted a simpler approach to parenting and discipline.”

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