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Finally! Parenting advice that puts parents squarely in the driver-seat of their family. This book outlines sensible, practical suggestions for helping our kids grow up self-confident and polite in a happy, well-functioning family. And, for busy parents (who isn't?!) it's a relaxed read that gets to the point without all the waffle. It has made a difference in my family already.
Marg O.

Not normally my literary genre of publication but it turned out to be a most interesting read. From my experience as a parent albeit many years ago it ticked all the right boxes in terms of developing a healthy relationship with my youngsters and ultimately teenagers who readily gained the respect of their peers and elders. Highly recommended.

Sue has written a no-nonsense book about raising a family. Her suggestions are simple to follow and I can vouch for the results as I have raised five children myself using the same principles. My three sons and two daughters have become responsible adults and are now bringing up their own children. I have always been proud of the fact that I could take my kids anywhere in society with confidence thay they would behave. I love having their children (my grand children) around to my house and I am happy to take them out in public because they are so well mannered and socially adept.
Rose Demar

‘So obvious that I wondered why I hadn’t always known it.”
Liz, parent

At last a book that can put new and not so new parents on the right road for, firstly enjoying parenting in a positive way and secondly,giving the children a chance to enjoy a positive parent. Yes, much of our parenting techniques of the past could do with a revamp as also, much of the new way of parenting could do with a revamp. I think this book combines beautifully the two techniques. Sue started using the new way techniques to begin with, but soon realised the down sides. By combining some of the older techniques of her own childhood parenting, she in my opinion, has achieved a much better balanced parenting. I hope this book can be presented in the positive light it was written in. Congrats Sue.
Leanne Jackson

“What I loved about this system is that I was able to start implementing it straight away. I was so excited when I saw how quickly the kids responded. I really feel so much more confident as a parent now.”
Sharon, parent

“I just read the whole of your e-book. FANTASTIC!!! That good it held my attention from beginning to end. And that says a lot as I hate reading on the PC. I only wish that I had this guide at the beginning when bringing up my daughter, Fia.”
Madeene, parent

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