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5 Keys Parenting

Format: paperback

No. of pages: 218

You love your family but you are struggling to stay on top of things. You strive to be the best parent you can be but often you feel like a complete failure. Nothing you are doing is working.

You are about to start a family or you have very young children. How do you avoid raising children who are spoilt, ill-mannered and unlikeable?

Raising a well adjusted child within a calm, happy, enjoyable family environment is something every parent longs for, but in this complicated modern world, that goal often feels unattainable. Parenting is supposed to be fun! Family life is supposed to be enjoyable! Unfortunately, for all too many parents, parenting has become a rather grim exercise in endurance.

It doesn’t have to be that way! With 5 Keys Parenting, you will learn just five – once commonsense – principles behind effective discipline and establishing harmony in the home.

Social etiquette consultant and parenting public speaker, Susan Edgerley “is a much needed breath of fresh air. Her commonsense approach to parenting and raising children with manners and much needed social skills fills a distinctive gap in the field of parenting advice.” (Grace Academy School of Social Confidence). This book offers a modern take on traditional parenting, offering time-tested methods on how to:

  • Establish discipline with ease
  • Come up with an easy parenting plan that will work for all kids at all ages
  • Be consistent so children can truly understand the lessons you are trying to teach them
  • Retain composure in all circumstances so your kids will respect you
  • Establish clear boundaries so your children can explore their world with confidence and trust
  • Create an environment of warmth and laughter and learning
  • Evaluate what modern beliefs are undermining your ability to raising your family
  • Teach manners and values that will stand your kids in good stead throughout life
  • How to deal with many of the modern issues confronting parents
  • And how to enjoy being a parent and have fun with your family!

This down to earth approach by Sue Edgerley gives parents much-needed confidence in their ability to raise their family well while, at the same time, allowing them to relax and enjoy their children.

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